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Planning for Emergency Response


Photo by Eugenia Jones
Representatives for McCreary County’s emergency responders met recently at McCreary County EMS for an initial planning meeting with McCreary County Department Emergency Services (DES) Director Stephen McKinney and the Area (12 county) Emergency Management Director, Don Franklin.  The group met in its first quarterly meeting to begin reviewing and revising McCreary County’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  The meetings will familiarize all of the different agencies with their roles in the event of a local disaster.  In presenting to the group, Franklin emphasized the importance of bringing different departments-such as fire, EMS, law enforcement, search and rescue-together to be familiar with the County’s EOP.   Urging the departments to work together and move in the same direction, Franklin encouraged the group to examine “what if this happened in McCreary County” scenarios and to plan accordingly in the EOP for each department’s role in responding. Pictured left to right are:  EMS Director Jimmy Barnett, Judge Executive Doug Stephens, Area Emergency Management Director Don Franklin, WC Fire Department’s Lee King, McCreary County Search & Rescue’s Daniel Martin, McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters, and McCreary County Search & Rescue’s Amy Martin.

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