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NTI program a success

When the McCreary County Board of Education adopted the Non Traditional Instruction days program the intent was to have a way to provide a buffer for when weather forced the cancellation of school.

In the past, the school year has had to be extended well in to June to meet the mandated number of days school must be in session.

With the NTI program in place, on days when school cannot be held, students can take advantage of take-home assignments. If enough students turn in the work (above 85 percent) the District is able to count that day toward an instruction day, and would not have to make up the day at the end of the school year.

McCreary County School District Director of Pupil Personnel Clint Taylor said the program has proven to be successful in its first year of use, and as a result the last day of school will be May 18, the earliest dismissal date over the past several years.

The lack of snow this winter has been favorable for McCreary County this year, with only one day of school being missed due to snow, but five additional NTIL days have been used: two for illness, two for smoke, and the most recent – due to flooding.

“It has been excellent,” Taylor said. “We are able to keep up with instruction, and the students certainly are looking forward to a longer summer vacation.

Participation rates from students have averaged over 97 percent for the six days used this school year, and teacher participation has been over 95 percent.

(Teachers are required to come in to school on NTI days to be available to answer homework questions by phone or email.)

Taylor said the District is required to send participation data, lesson plans and examples of the work to the Kentucky Department of Education for approval after each NTI day. The first five days have been approved, and the latest is awaiting approval Taylor said.

Taylor also noted that attendance rate for the year is higher than it was last year, with an average attendance over 93 percent, an increase of .7 percent over the 2015-16 school year.

Taylor added enrollment is up 50 students from last year.

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