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Splash Pad Construction Continues

A solution has been found allowing construction of the new splash pad at the McCreary County Park to continue.  Progress on the splash pad recently came to a halt when a “cease and desist” order temporarily barred further construction on the project.  With the cease and desist order out of the way, Park officials are optimistic the splash pad will be completed in time for the Park’s “Summer Kick-off” event on May 27, weather permitting.

Installation of the splash pad using a recirculated water system was temporarily halted by government officials and inspectors because proper permits were not obtained before breaking ground on the project.  Working with the local health inspector and the Division of Water, McCreary County Park Board Members determined construction of the splash pad could continue if the pad were installed using non-recirculated water running directly into a drainage system.  In addition to allowing the project to move ahead immediately, the use of non-recirculated water eliminates the need for future chemical treatment and chemical testing as the water, much like a shower, prevents health concerns by being on and draining at all times during splash pad use.

After sharing the news about moving forward with construction of the splash pad during their regular May meeting, the board took further action on the final phase of construction by voting to forward a $9,200 quote for completion of the pad’s safety surfacing to Fiscal Court for their approval.  Money for completion of the splash pad will come from remaining funds earmarked specifically for the park.

The splash pad is scheduled to open during the Park’s Summer Kick-off event on Saturday May 27 from noon until 4:00 p.m., weather permitting.  The Kick-off is being promoted as a fun day in the park highlighting recent park improvements including the completed splash pad, outdoor basketball courts, and playground equipment.  The event is being sponsored by the community with free hot dogs, ice cream, and face painting.

Determined to do their part to help with park improvements, local Girl Scouts are volunteering after school to help beautify the park by planting flowers in the park flower beds.

The next regular Park Board meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2017 at 5:30 at the McCreary County Park Senior Citizens’/Community Center building.

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