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Animals of the Big South Fork

The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is home to a diverse wildlife population.  Earn points towards your 2017 GO Big patch by joining a park ranger at the Blue Heron Campground on Saturday, May 27, at 7 p.m. and learn about wildlife diversity of the park.  A wide variety of natural conditions have combined to provide a high diversity of habitats within Big South Fork.  The Big South Fork contains over 60 species of fish and a number of large mammals including the white-tailed deer, black bear, and elk, which have migrated into the area from state-managed lands.  Small mammals ranging from raccoon to bobcat and gray fox are also present throughout the park.

The National Park Service hosts ranger programs on a variety of topics every Saturday evening starting Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend at the Blue Heron Campground.  The Blue Heron Campground is located in the Kentucky portion of Big South Fork, nine miles west of Stearns off of Highway 742.  This program is free of charge, handicap accessible and all are welcome.

The GO BIG 2017 Challenge is a year-long park-wide event designed to motivate visitors to go out and explore their park.  Participants will earn points by answering questions about the park, becoming a volunteer, taking part in National Park Service programs and events as well as hiking, biking or paddling in the Big South Fork NRRA.  If you earn 100 points, you will receive a GO BIG 2017 Challenge patch, and awards will be given at the GO BIG 2017 Celebration on December 9.  Download your GO BIG booklet at:

For directions or additional information, please call the Blue Heron Interpretive Center at (606) 376-3787.

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