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Forest Service welcomes new law enforcement K-9 to the team

U.S. Forest Service Officer Tim Grooms has a new law enforcement partner. Her name is Angie, a 27-month old Belgian Malinois.
“I’ve been working with Angie for more than a month now, and I can already tell that she’s extremely smart and well-disciplined,” said Grooms with the Stearns Ranger District. “She’s always eager to go to work, and she takes her job seriously, which are excellent qualities to have.”

The Malinois originates from Belgium where they were bred primarily as a herding dog. This breed is often mistaken as a German Shepherd, but the Malinois tends to have a more slender frame, providing for agility with equal strength.
Angie comes from the Czech Republic, not far from her Belgium heritage. By the time she was only a few months old, professional trainers began preparing her for a future career in law enforcement. Training was a daily routine, honing all the necessary skills. Angie is specifically trained for handler protection, apprehension, drug detection, search and tracking.
Once K-9s are assigned to an officer, the officer becomes their new handler. Training continues as a team-building activity between the two as partners. Each K-9 team shares a special language and a special bond. The K-9 takes orders from no one else but their assigned handler.
“These dogs are keenly alert and quick to respond when given a command,” said Grooms. “They have a high energy level, and they know and understand their assignment.”
The K-9s live with their assigned officer and are rarely separated. They are issued their own badge, which is worn on their collar at all times.
“Angie is an asset to our national forest and to our community,” added Grooms. “We work in close partnership with state and local law enforcement agencies, and Angie will be happy to go wherever her services are needed.
“Keeping the public safe is our top priority, and K-9s can make that job a lot easier.”
Angie is currently one of two K-9s with the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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