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Neighbors gathering together

The First Annual Silerville Cemetery Clean-up


Photo submitted:
Timothy Duncan presented the Kentucky Colonel Commission bestowed by Governor Matt Bevin to the following pictured above, (l to r back row) Timothy Duncan, presenter, Glyn Cordell, Pernie West, (front row) Roy Richardson, Beulah Walker, Temple Duncan


Silerville Cemetery, Strunk, KY, held their first annual clean-up, singing and old-fashioned dinner on the ground May 13th. Timothy Duncan, age 11, son of Tim Duncan, was concerned that older graves without family to care for them were growing up. Timothy suggested a co combining singing and food with the clean-up the way communities used to gather together to be “neighbors.”

“My papa always said that a neighbor can be anyone, not just those beside you. You should always reach out to people to be friendly; to care about them and show that you love them,” Timothy said.

Timothy reached out to the community, people responded and a wonderful turnout of “neighbors” joined together to clean-up the large cemetery that sits on a hill overlooking what was once the town of Silerville.

After the clean-up and dinner, Timothy welcomed and thanked everyone for participating. He then told the crowd that he had petitioned Governor Bevin to recognize some people for being “true neighbors.”

The first individual recognized was Roy Richardson, who was described as always putting God, his family and community before himself.  The next individual recognized is known to many as the flower lady for sending homemade flowers to people needing prayers or just to let them know someone was thinking of them, Beulah West Walker.

Glyn Cordell, an Iraq War veteran, was recognized for volunteering for many organizations and helping give kids something to do to keep them from getting into trouble. Glyn was injured while serving to protect the country.  Finally, Timothy recognized a lady who “many in the county call on for prayer or help organizing events to help people with funeral expenses, medical bills, house fires or 100 other reasons.”

This lady, Pernie West, even helped organize this event and didn’t know she was being recognized.

Timothy said on behalf of Governor Matt Bevin and Representative Ken Upchurch, he was honored to present each individual named with a framed Kentucky Colonel Commission; the highest civilian honor that can be bestowed by the Governor and Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Timothy told the gathering, “Kids and even adults today are too busy to do good things, so when there are people that go out of their way to help others, I think they should know that they are loved and appreciated…that good things don’t go unnoticed…and I am glad we could show them that today.”

Governor Matt Bevin sent Timothy a letter stating that he was sorry he couldn’t be at the event and he and his wife Glenna were “inspired by the compassion and love that you choose to share with others.”

“Young men like you provide me and so many others with hope for our future.”

With the world so full of bad news, we are glad to share an inspiring story of an 11 year old boy with a kind spirit toward his “neighbors.”

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