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Highland Telephone Announces Annual Scholarship Winners

The Manager and Board of Directors of Highland Telephone Cooperative, Inc., (HTC) presented this year’s scholarships to winning seniors May 22, 2017, at Company headquarters in Sunbright.  This is the seventeenth year the scholarships were awarded by HTC to high-school seniors judged to be the winners of their essay contest.  The deadline for turning in the essays was March 17, and the winners were announced in early May.  The essay was entitled “Technology for Telecommunications” and was judged by an impartial panel consisting of local teachers.  Each judge reviewed essays from a county other than their county of residence.

Recipients of the scholarship must present proof of enrollment or incurred fees at the post-secondary institution of their choice in order to receive the scholarship.  Students may use the scholarship at any post-secondary institution.  There were a total of nine (9) $1,000 scholarships awarded.  The winners are as follows:

• Tyler Archer, Sunbright High School, 628/965 exchange, David Freytag, Director.  Jackson Williams, Wartburg Central High School, 346 exchange,Donald Jones, Director. Maverick Smith, Oakdale High School, 369 Exchange, Mickey Bingham, Director. Jordan Long, Wartburg Central High School, 324 exchange, Max Spurling, Director

Jessica Bruns, Oneida High School, 569/286 Exchange, Ms. Dorothy Watson, James E. Terry, Directors. Madison Lay, Oneida High School, 569/286 Exchange, Ms. Dorothy Watson, James E. Terry, Directors. Destiny Lawson, Scott High School, 663 Exchange, Jan Byrd, Director. Hannah Bowling, Sunbright High School, 627 Exchange, John Tate, Director
Laura Duncan, McCreary Central High School, 354 Exchange, Mr. Sam Strunk, Director.
Also receiving checks were the judges from three area school districts.  Their respective schools received a $500 contribution in appreciation for their time and effort in judging the essays.  The money may be spent as the school deems appropriate.  The judges were the English Department, Oneida High School;  Ms. Kathalene Favella, McCreary Central High School; and the English Department, Wartburg Central High School.

The response for the HTC Scholarship Fund was very good this year.  HTC believes this is an excellent way to promote education among our young people and hopes that even more graduating seniors will again take advantage of this easy opportunity to win a scholarship next year.

HTC thanks everyone for his or her participation and support.

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