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Final Occupational Tax numbers released

The final Occupational Tax numbers for the previous fiscal year show only a small increase over last year, despite an additional half percent added to collections for the final quarter.

A total of $44,716.11 was collected in June, according to numbers released by the Judge Executive’s Office. That amount marked the strongest collection for the month of June since individual monthly data has been released. June 2016 previously had the highest collection amount, but the current month exceeds that total by about $2,000.

The final three months of the 16-17 fiscal year included an additional half percent added to the rate, with the additional funds to be dedicated to the Jail Fund. In the final quarter about $82,000 was transferred to the fund.

For the year a total of about $1,116,706 has been collected, averaging about $93,000 per month. The total for the 2016-17 fiscal year surpassed last year’s collection by only $6,000. When taking in to account the additional revenue generated by the tax increase in April, Occupational Tax revenue for the year actually decreased from last year.

Comparing numbers from the latest year to previous ones, the collection numbers track consistently, showing relatively stable numbers but little growth.

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