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August Occupational Tax numbers

Occupational Tax receipts are holding steady according to numbers released Tuesday by the McCreary County Judge Executive’s Office.

For the month of August a total of $172,844 was collected by the Occupational Tax Office. Of that figure, one third of the collection- or $57,614 – is mandated to go directly to the Jail Fund as part of the ordinance change that raised the collection rate to 1.5 percent.

Deducting the Jail Fund the actual collection for the month totaled about $241,000. Of that $960 was reported in the sale of business permits – also a new function of the ordinance.

Comparing the actual collection number to past months of August in prior years shows the latest revenue marks the second highest total of the past six years. 2016 saw $160,000 added to the General Fund for the highest month, and the previous four years only averaged about $65,000 each.

The two-month total collections to begin the current fiscal year amount to just over $361,000, with $120,000 going to the jail fund and $241,000 to the General Fund. The two-month total of actual collection surpasses last year by about $6,000 and falls below the previous year by about $9,000.

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