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Woman arrested after almost hitting three people

A Whitley City woman has been arrested on various charges after she reportedly nearly ran over at least two pedestrians in front of the McCreary County Courthouse and struck a vehicle Monday afternoon while driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Shawna Sammons, 33, was arrested on a complaint warrant Tuesday morning on charges of wanton endangerment, careless driving and operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

According to witness statements Sammons apparently drove her vehicle at a dangerously high rate of speed on Main Street in Whitley City, nearly striking a pedestrian and another individual exiting their vehicle in front on the Courthouse. As Sammons continued northbound on Main Street she struck a vehicle near Jesus Hill, running that vehicle off the road and wrecking her own vehicle in the process.

Sammons was transported to the Big South Fork Medical Center in Oneida after complaining of chest pains following the incident, and could not be arrested at the time. Deputy Alex Jones obtained the warrant Monday and was able to serve it Tuesday morning.

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