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WHAY, Price asked to “cease and desist”

By Greg Bird

A letter sent to WHAY Radio threatened possible legal action against the station and the participants of a weekly news program, “Truth or Politics,” hosted by Darlene Price.

The letter, from Corbin Attorney Shane Romines, states accusations made on the local news topic show may amount to slander of innocent people. It further stated the law firm is looking in to possible legal action against the show’s participants and the radio station.

“We ask that you Cease and Desist the airing of any discussion of the Anderson family, school board, or recent events which are being twisted and embellished for your listeners.”

It is important to note that the letter is not a legal cease and desist order, merely a request. A legal order would require a Judge issuing a ruling calling for the broadcast to be stopped.

Price commented that she felt the letter was an attempt to silence her and her program.

“It was an intimidation letter in an effort to get us to shut up,” she said. “Well, we’re not going to shut up.”

“All information we report on the show comes from official documents we received from an open records request.”

“Kudos to Tim Lavender and MBR TV for sticking with us and this program.”

In recent weeks Price has been reviewing documents received through an open records request from the Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board, specifically concerning disciplinary actions taken against Superintendent Mike Cash and Assistant Superintendent Aaron Anderson.

Tim Lavender, owner of WHAY Radio, responded to the request with a letter asking for clarification of what “accusations” the attorney and his client felt were untrue.

Lavender stated the staff at WHAY reviewed the programs in question and determined Price’s comments stemmed directly from the official documents she had received from an open records request.

Lavender pointed out a disclaimer read before each airing of the program that the comments made on the show belong to Price and do not reflect those of the station.

“We feel the show is a public service type of program,” Lavender said Tuesday. “Such a show has a wide latitude as far as it is not malicious and not intentionally defamatory. It is her program, and as is stated before each show, those are her opinions.”

“We have reviewed the tapes and we don’t see anything defamatory or malicious.”

At this time it is unclear from the letter whom the attorney is representing.

The Voice left messages for Romines at his law office for a comment, but received no response.

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