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Local women arrested in TN drug sting

By Greg Bird

A pair of McCreary County women initiated a two-state, five-person drug bust last week in Scott County.

Susan Patterson, 60, of Pine Knot and Alicia McDonald, 34, of Stearns, were reportedly on their way to Winfield to deliver methamphetamine to a woman when local police received a tip alerting them of the delivery.

Scott County Sheriff’s Office Drug Agent Kris Lewallen, Deputy Sarah Huckelby and Oneida Police Department Drug Agent Bill Miller found the two women at a state line business where they were promptly arrested with over 4.5 grams of meth and other drug paraphernalia in their possession.

The women quickly turned in to informants and told officers that they knew of a Winfield woman, Kristen Reed, who was a meth dealer and offered to call her to set up a drug delivery.

After the call Reed, 37, arrived at the scene with about 3.5 grams of meth in her possession and admitted to being a dealer. Reed was arrested and promptly told officers she could call her supplier in Somerset to arrange for a delivery of another ounce of meth.

Police say they accepted the offer and Reed called Michael Lyvers, 40, who agreed to arrange a delivery.

About an hour later Joseph Rose, 28, showed up and was arrested. Two ounces of meth were found in the vehicle and Rose reportedly told officers he was hired to drive the drugs to Reed. Meanwhile a search was underway in Pulaski County for Lyvers by the Kentucky State Police.

Lyvers led the Troopers on a 50-mile chase, eventually ditching his vehicle in McCreary County and escaping on foot. Officers discovered two ounces of meth in his vehicle.

Lyvers remains at large. All five arrested face serious drug charges relating to the possession, sale, and delivery of meth and could also face criminal conspiracy charges.

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