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September Occupational Tax collections

By Greg Bird

According to data released by Judge Executive Doug Stephens Occupational Tax collections for the month of September were slightly down from last year, but well above totals collected in prior years.

Total collections for September 2017 equaled $56,099.02 – above the $47,327 collected in 2016. But this years’ total reflects the extra half percent added to the tax earlier this year. That extra collection is designated to go directly to the Jail Fund, which amounted to $18,699 this month.

Taking the Jail Fund collection out of the total, only $37,399 was added to the General Fund this month. That total is higher than collections over the previous four years: $28,000 in ’15, $6,000 in ’14, $7,600 in ’13 and $8,600 in ’12.

Collections over the first quarter of the current fiscal year totaled $417,779, with $278,519 going to the General Fund and $139,259 to the Jail Fund. Over the first quarter of the 2016-17 fiscal year a total of $282,888 was added to the General Fund.

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