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Wise, Upchurch to talk pensions

By Greg Bird

Senator Max Wise and Representative Ken Upchurch will visit McCreary County Monday afternoon to host a Town Hall meeting on the planned upcoming legislative session concerning Governor Matt Bevin’s plan to tackle the looming pension crisis.

The legislators will hold a public meeting on Monday, November 6 at the Christopher A. Hubbs Auditorium at McCreary Central High School, starting at 5:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, November 7, the duo will host a second forum at Wayne County High School on the same topic.

Senator Wise reported he had meet with several Superintendents from his district over the past few days to hear their concerns over the proposed bill. He noted he planned to read the bill in its entirety over the weekend before meeting with his constituents.

In a Facebook post Wise reminded citizens that the proposal put forth by the Governor is just a starting point, and many things can change as part of the legislative process.

Upchurch, as well, took to social media stating he will withhold judgment on the bill until he has had the time to read and understand it. He said he has heard many comments and complaints from his constituents on the bill, and reassures people those will be taken in to consideration when the time comes to discuss the bill.

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