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October OC Tax collections up

Occupational tax collections for October show a strong increase over previous years with a total of $196,238.15 brought in last month. Of that total, one third, or $65,412 will be added to the Jail Fund as a result of the ordinance passed last summer adding an additional half percent to the OC Tax rate to cover jail expenses.

$130,000 will be added to the General Fund, an increase of about $12,00 from last year.

Through the first quarter of the current fiscal year a total of $614,017 has been collected, with $409,345 slated to the General Fund and $204,672 to the Jail Fund.

The General Fund total is the highest it has been over the past five years. In 2016 just $401,000 was collected. The lowest total for the quarter occurred in 2013 when only $285 was collected.

The four month total averages to just over $102,000 per month in receipts added to the General Fund. If that trend continues collection for the year could total over $1.2 million. The Jail Fund is averaging about $50,000 per month – projecting out to a total collection of $600,000.

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