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Gift of Life

Teen’s death serves as inspiration

By Greg Bird

Brooklyn Ross passed away at the too young age of 19 last month following a tragic automobile accident. The McCreary County native and sophomore college student fought for her life for 11 days at the Neuroscience Unit at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Following her passing her grief-stricken family was faced with a difficult decision as to whether or not to donate her organs, when Brooklyn herself answered the question.

Two years ago the young woman had voluntarily signed up as part of the National Organ Donor Registry.

Now her family is using Brooklyn’s selfless act to help encourage people to sign with the National Organ Donor Registry and continue to gift of life for others in need.

“Her love and compassion for others was a true testament and really no surprise to her loved ones,” the family said in a statement.

“Brooklyn became an answered prayer and a miracle for four families, one of which was a young child. Her family has found some peace and solitude in knowing that her gift of life has helped others. If you have never considered being an organ donor, you should give it some serious thought – you could be an answered prayer for families.”

Her family has also started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for funeral expenses. Donations can be made at, or directly to the Hickman Strunk Funeral Home.

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