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Ambulance damaged in accident

By Greg Bird

A McCreary County ambulance is out of service after a Thursday evening accident in Pulaski County, but fortunately neither the patient being transported nor the EMS crew in the vehicle were injured in the wreck.
McCreary County EMS Director Jimmy Barnett stated the incident occurred at a traffic light in Somerset near the mall. The ambulance was transporting a patient to the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital at the time, but was not running lights or siren as it was a non-critical transport.
Barnet said as the ambulance approached the intersection the light changed from green to yellow, causing the driver of a vehicle in front of the ambulance to slam on their brakes to stop. The ambulance driver swerved to avoid rear-ending the stopping vehicle, but struck a car in the next lane.
The driver of the struck car was taken to LCRH to be examined, but Barnett stated he was released, uninjured, later that evening.
The ambulance could be totaled as a result of the accident, and could be out of service for at least four to six weeks. Barnett said the ambulance that had been scheduled to be sent off to be refurbished will be held back to provide an additional unit if needed. Once repairs are completed on the damaged unit, the older vehicle will be sent off to be refurbished.

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