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School District out of NTI days

By Greg Bird

With the recent spate of inclement weather and cold temperatures the McCreary County School District has used their allotted Non Traditional Instruction (NTI) days, and any further closings would result in additional days being added to the school calendar.
In a posting on the District’s Facebook page, Superintendent Mike Cash informed parents and students of the situation.
“The McCreary County School District has used all 10 Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days for the 2017-2018 school year provided by the KY General Assembly. From this day forward, each day the District is not in session a day will be added to the end of the school year. The District has added time to each day throughout the year to be used for delays and/or early release. But, this time can only be used if students ‘enter the door’ of the buildings,” the notice read.

“Please note, NTI days are counted as days of instruction and attendance; therefore, NTI days do not count as missed days.”
Monday was the first school closure that resulted in an additional day added to the calendar – pushing the last day of school back to Tuesday, May 15. Any additional closings would move that date further back.
Cash did note that if more than 20 days are missed the District could apply for an emergency waiver to have some of the additional time excused.
The McCreary County Board of Education adopted NTI days, as approved by the Kentucky Legislature, two years ago. The Legislature is now considering a bill that would eliminate NTI days altogether.

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