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Cash reported for yelling at official

McCreary County Superintendent of School Michael Cash was reported to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association for allegedly engaging in a verbal altercation with referees following a McCreary Central High School Basketball game in December.
The report, revealed by Truth or Politics host Darlene Price who obtained the document through an open records request from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association concerning the alleged incident on December 22.
The report, filed by Mark Bryant, a KHSAA officiating supervisor at the game, states Cash directed a comment to another official that he was “awful” after the game, and stated the officials would not be allowed to change in the locker room, which they had been using throughout the tournament.
As the officials were leaving the gym Bryant stated a player, identified only by uniform number (3) shouted an obscenity toward the officials. Cash also reportedly advised an official that if Gray (a referee) said anything he would have him arrested for disorderly conduct.
Superintendent Cash acknowledges that words were exchanged between him and the official in question, but stated he, along with several other fans in the gym, were upset over the officiating in the game. He stated there was no attempt to intimidate or bully the official, simply a parent and a fan voicing his displeasure.
He further stated the change in official’s locker room assignment had no relation to the confrontation, stating the officials had been dressing in the Girl’s locker room to that point, but issues had arisen where the girls could not gain access to their items kept in the room, so the decision was made to move the officials to an unused room.
Cash attributes the report as an unfounded accusation and noted the KHSAA commissioner has warranted no actions needed to be taken.
“It was totally fake,” he said. “The commissioner said it was unfounded.”
In related news the Voice submitted an open records request to the Kentucky Department of Education regarding the status of an investigation by the Kentucky Office of Education Accountability issued in 2015.
The investigations centered on alleged improper actions by Board members Brandon Kidd and Deborah Gibson, as well as the McCreary County Board of Education as a whole.
Amy Peabody, Deputy General Counsel for the KDE, confirmed the Department of Education and Commissioner Stephen Pruitt’s investigation in to the allegations has been completed and no actions were taken against any individuals named in the OEA reports.
“…no action is being taken by the commissioner as a result because the investigation did not yield evidence supporting action by the commissioner…”
Peabody did not supply a date when the KDE investigation was completed.
At the time of the OEA report Cash and the Board issued a statement categorically denying any improper actions following the report, calling the allegations “unsubstantiated and inaccurate.”

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