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The Hide-Behinders

(“The Voice” learned about local, fabled Hide-Behinders as we were doing a series of articles about McCreary County Bigfoot encounters-and we couldn’t help but be intrigued! This week, we conclude our series with an article about the imaginary Hide-Behinders—or could they be real? After all, haven’t we all experienced being in the forest and suddenly sensing a presence or hearing a sound coming up from behind us—only to turn and see nothing there?)

By Eugenia Jones

Only a few locals will talk openly about Hide-Behinders-those unseen beings whose presence can be felt and heard but not seen as one goes traipsing through the rugged hills and hollows of McCreary County. The few who will talk say local Hide-Behinders are unlike the Hidebehinds of American folklore who stalked and targeted humans unfortunate enough to be caught in the woods at night. Instead, they say the local Hide-Behinders are mysterious beings responsible for cleaning up the remains and all tangible evidence of any Bigfoot (or other large creature) who has perished.
After agreeing to refer to him by the fictitious name of Ben so as not to reveal his identity, we were able to chat with a well-known, local Hide-Behinder expert.
“If you don’t believe in them, one night in the dark of the moon, take off walking down one of these wooded trails,” Ben advised. “There may not be anything happen the first time, but see if eventually you don’t hear something from behind you-maybe the sound of steps in leaves following you or perhaps even a hungry growl. If you turn around real fast when you hear the noise, you’ll see there is nothing there.”
Ben began reading about the traditional, mythical Hidebehinds-nighttime creatures known to target humans, particularly lumberjacks, who wandered into the woods-when he was just a child. Always heard but never seen, the Hidebehinds are said to be faster than humans and always able to hide themselves quicker than they can be spotted. The only known protection against the repulsive creature is to reek of alcohol-a smell the Hidebehinds detest.
As Ben grew up, spending much of his time hunting and fishing in McCreary County forests, he became aware of a local version of the legendary creature. He learned, just like traditional Hidebehinds, the local Hide-Behinders are always heard and never seen. Their presence is either sensed or heard by those prowling in the woods at night.
“If you talk to hunters, nearly all of them will tell you about hearing these things in the woods at night,” Ben remarked. “Even hunting dogs know something is there-so much so that sometimes the dogs won’t get out from under your feet.”
According to Ben, it’s best to go alone or with just one other person if you really want to hear a local Hide-Behinder.
“You hear a lot more if you are alone in the forest or with just one other person,” Ben advised. “After all, the predators don’t like too many folks running around at night.”
According to local rumor, the Hide-behinders are so adept at hiding themselves, they have never, ever been seen. There are no photographs of the fanciful, nocturnal creatures who supposedly survive by feasting on the remains of Bigfoot and other such creatures.
“I imagine the Hide-Behinders have big teeth and claws,” Ben noted. “They would have to be of pretty good size to make the remains-bones and all-of Bigfoot and other such creatures disappear.”
Ben cautions anyone hunting for Hide-Behinders to be prepared for what they will hear when traipsing deep in the forest at night.
“I’m not the only one who has heard noises made by the Hide-Behinders,” Ben declared. “Most others just won’t admit to it. If you want to go hunting for them, you can. But, I think you best beware. You are liable to hear one when you walk deep into the forest at night with only a little light to guide you. You may want to wander off, sit down, and just listen. If you do, it won’t be long before you’ll hear something from behind that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. You won’t get a glimpse of it, but you’ll know it’s there. You’ll know it’s there-somewhere in the dark, behind you.”

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