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Teacher Rally

Several McCreary County teachers attended the rally in Frankfort Monday. We spoke with some of them, asking if they felt their voices were heard and if they felt they accomplished what they had set out to do.
Here are their voices:

Aimee Coffey Strunk
People assume we went because of the pension vote. That wasn’t it for me. I went for my students and my own children. They are looking at cutting funding for programs that are so important to our children. Extracurricular activities, family resource, school safety, textbooks, technology- these are just a few. Our kids are already handicapped by their surroundings and trying to overcome so much to just get on an even playing field as others. To take more from them would be devastating. I’m not sure if being there that 1 day will change the Governor’s mind about anything but those lawmakers sure know now that we won’t go quietly. You can’t keep taking without some consequence. It was very moving to see all of those people rallying for the same cause. I felt empowered to be part of such a large, motivated group. Everyone there was so positive and kind. I have never been in such a large group of people that was so kind to each other. Strangers were talking to each other and supporting each other. It was truly wonderful. I have talked to my own boys about the things that are going on and really want them to understand why we as teachers are so upset. I think they were proud of me for going.

Tara Chaney
My students and my own two children were what motivated me to attend the rally. Funding cuts that threaten the well-being and education of our students like cutting funds to Youth Service Centers, transportation, textbooks, after school activities, etc. should be the last items we cut in the Commonwealth. Our students deserve full funding and the very best education we can give them!
I was also motivated to attend the rally to take a stand for every one of my previous teachers who invested so much in me as a former student in McCreary County, for current teachers who dedicate their lives to our youth, and for future teachers Teachers deserve full support and respect from Frankfort lawmakers.
I feel by taking a stand we were able to show the Governor we will always stand for our students and their education. Seeing thousands of teachers and supporters united for the youth of our Commonwealth was inspiring. These are public servants who dedicate their lives to education and the well-being of our youth. It was no surprise to see that level of dedication yesterday!

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