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Mountain Craft Center Artist Spot Light

Our Effie Neal has so many talents it is hard to know where to start. She is a very gifted lady! If Effie is not crocheting a wonderful afghan or precious toys for children, she is making baskets, quilting, or painting! We must mention that she has also been blessed with the ability to sing wonderful gospel music and has made CDs with her family.
Effie makes the most delightful fried apple pies, chicken and dumplings and wonderful deserts! These she will share with us on many occasions at the Center. She takes care of us volunteers with a yummy offering from time to time.
She presently has some beautiful baskets on display in Somerset at the Carnegie Center. Her crochet projects are so creative! In the Mountain Craft Center in McCreary County, we have story book dolls Little Red Riding Hood, Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue. Crochet World Magazine purchased Effie’s patterns for these dolls to publish in their magazine. Effie has been crocheting for 71 years and still has lots of original ideas to crochet.
She has made several American Flag afghans this past year. We have a God Bless America afghan and a God Bless America table scarf as well as cute pot holders, baskets, beautiful delicate doilies, pillows and purses.
In Effie’s spare time, she takes care of a large vegetable garden and cooks wonderful cobblers and more just good old-fashioned cooking. Effie is known to some around this area as ‘The Pie Lady”.
Did we mention she is our most senior member of the Association and is celebrating a birthday this month? We won’t tell the number but know she has been around for a tiny bit over nine decades and does not mind anyone knowing of her longevity. Effie is a very strong, vital lady living life to the fullest. We love to see her turning into our driveway in her Toyota full of beautiful hand-made projects!
She has been a very precious member with our association, and we know Effie has contributed to many good things that make our McCreary County a unique and delightful place to live. Happy Birthday Effie! From your Mountain Craft Center family with much love and appreciation!

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