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March OC Tax

Occupational Tax collections for the past month were slightly down from average, but total collections for the fiscal year are still projected to surpass budget expectations.
For March a total of $81,497 was collected, with $54,331 transferred to the General Fund and $27,165 dedicated to the Jail Fund. For the first three quarters of the fiscal year nearly $806,000 has been allocated to the General Fund, about $20,000 less than in the 2016-17 fiscal year.
Over the past six years, when monthly totals have been reported, March 2018 represents the second-lowest collection for that span. March 2015 saw only $52,000 collected. The average collection for the month of March stands around $64,000.
Typically the final quarter of the fiscal year brings in an average of approximately $113,000 per month, with April and May having higher than average collections. If the next three months perform as well as last year approximately $1.144 million would have been added to the General Fund for the budget year.
With an average monthly collection of about $89,000 dedicated to the General Fund, the total 12-month projection falls at approximately $1,074,476 – about $35,000 below what was collected last year.
Jail Fund totals have reached nearly $403,000 and are projected to hit about $537,000 for the year.

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