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Public hearing set on extension

By Greg Bird

Despite a legal filing from the McCreary County Extension Board the Fiscal Court continued to move forward with their plan to abolish the Board, and eliminate the tax imposed.
During Thursday’s Fiscal Court meeting Magistrate Roger Philips called for the public hearing to be held on Thursday, May 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the Courthouse.
An attorney representing the Board filed a complaint in McCreary County Circuit Court last week asking for a Judge to prevent the Fiscal Court from moving forward with their plans to dissolve the Board without providing a more detailed plan on how they intend to fulfill the obligations of the Extension Service.
With no mention on the legal challenge the Magistrates moved forward with their intended goal of dissolving the Board. Once a public hearing has been held the Fiscal Court can officially hold a second reading of the notice of dissolution, satisfying the second step of the process to eliminate the Board. Once that step is finalized a first and second reading of a third ordinance, this one officially disbanding the Board, would have to take place to complete the process.
Prior to the meeting the Magistrate shared a message he had received from the Department of Legal Government seeming to verify that the County was taking all the appropriate and necessary steps to dissolve the Board.

When a citizen commented he would like to see the process concluded before the May 22nd Primary Election Phillips stated he would have liked that as well, but the process to dissolve is lengthy and proper procedure has to be followed. He also noted the date planned for the public hearing was the first available date where all magistrates would be able to attend due to other commitments.

Magistrate Jason Mann voted in favor of setting the date for a public hearing, but noted he believed there still was time for both sides of the issue to reach a compromise.
“I encourage all involved to come out and speak their mind,” he said. “We need to put this behind us one way or another. I’m willing to negotiate.”
No hearing date on the complaint has been set as the County has yet to officially respond to the lawsuit.

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