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Line Workers Continuing Education

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SKRECC McCreary County Service Technician Mike Strunk performs Hurt Man Rescue on a dummy in order to be recertified.


South Kentucky RECC Line Workers are taking part in the recertification process for Hurt Man Rescue. They are required to be able to do this in a timely manner, because if they were on the job and had to get an injured employee off a pole, they need to be able to do so quickly and efficiently.
SKRECC Safety and Loss Control Manager Eric Chumbley said the goal is to be able to do this within four minutes.

“The national standard is four minutes from the time a lineman calls in a Mayday until he can have the injured individual off the pole and be performing necessary first aid, such as CPR. If you can’t get aid started within that time, there is a strong chance that the person will suffer more serious effects.”

Chumbley added that all employees that will be performing any type of line work are required to be recertified annually.

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