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April occupational tax up

By Greg Bird

Occupational Tax receipts rose in April to their highest level since 2015, and the third-highest collections for the current fiscal year, putting the County on track for meeting their budgeted goals of $1.5 million for the year.
In total $287,355.14 was generated in tax receipts for the month, with $95,785 being dedicated to the Jail Fund and $191,570 going in to the General Fund. The General Fund collection was the highest since April 2015 when just over $202,000 was collected.
For the 10 months of the fiscal year over $1.372 million has been added to the General Fund via the Occupational Tax, which should meet or exceed the amount budgeted last June. Jail Fund receipts surpassed $498,000 and should add more than half a million dollars to pay for prisoner housing and transport.
The final two months of the fiscal year typically average between $70-90,000 each month. If that average is maintained, the total collections should exceed $1.5 million.

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