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OC Tax receipts drop

By Greg Bird

May receipts from the McCreary County Occupational Tax for the month of May fell to their lowest level in five years, but the total collections for the year still exceed projections.
For May $64,260.12 was added to the General Fund, the lowest amount since 2014, when just $62,445 was collected. 2017 saw over $108,000 collected and more than $136,000 was collected in 2016.
Even with the below-average month, total General Fund additions for the budget year have exceeded $1,088,854, about $88,000 over what was projected in the current budget with just one month remaining in the fiscal year. Over the past three months of June an average of $39,000 was collected in the month. If this month meets the average total collections will exceed $1,121 million, and be about $6,000 lower than total collections over the previous fiscal year.
The Jail Fund saw $32,130.11 added for the month of May, bringing the 11-month total collections for the fund top $530,000.

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