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Fake $100 bill hitting streets

By Greg Bird

Sheriff Randy Waters is warning citizens and businesses that counterfeit $100 bills have appeared in circulation, and an investigation is underway to determine the origin of the phony bills.
“We have had reports of fake $100 bills being circulated in the county,” Waters said. “I encourage everyone to closely examine any currency that comes in to their possession.”
The Sheriff notes the fake $100 bills are not of high quality, and should be easily identifiable, but the best way to be sure of the authenticity of any bill is to use a counterfeit marking pen.
On Saturday Constable Freddie Clark arrested an individual possessing at least 23 supposed counterfeit bills.
According to the arrest citation Casey L. Mitchell, 29, of Stearns, was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument, disorderly conduct and fleeing/evading. The Constable states he observed Mitchell near some apartments in Stearns. The subject saw the constable and proceeded to attempt to hide from the officer. When Constable Clark caught up with Mithcell, the subject reportedly became very upset.
Clark noticed a $100 bill protruding from Mitchell’s wallet with what appeared to have a black line through a corner and the constable noted the bill looked “wrong.” A further search of Mitchell turned up an additional 22 $100 bills in his wallet, all with the same markings and believed to be counterfeit.

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