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4-H camp gets a makeover

Photo by Greg Bird
Students from the Job Corps and volunteers from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky performed repair work at the 4-H Camp this month.

By Greg Bird

A group of volunteers from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky performed clean-up and repair work at the 4-H Camp recently as part of an Extreme Build in McCreary County.
Volunteer crews, along with students from the Pine Knot Job Corps spent two days at the park cleaning and repairing playground equipment, work on the restrooms, painting and replacing equipment in the kitchen/common room.
The group has also paid for the replacement of the tin roof on the old shelter building. Park manager Melissa Vanover said the cost to replace the old roof is in excess of $12,000.
In related park news: Work should begin shortly on the anticipated paving of the walking trail at the McCreary County Park.
The Park had received a $14,000 grant through the Lake Cumberland Health District to improve and re-pave the 1-mile track that winds through the park.
Earlier this month the Fiscal Court approved funding that would upgrade the material on the walking trail to a blacktop surface.
The trails, which encircle the ball fields and meander down the western slope behind the main parking area, are a healthy benefit to the community according to the grant application. The safe and accessible trails provide good cardiovascular exercise and are available to the public whenever the park is open.
The grant award will be used to purchase the materials for track and the McCreary County Road Department will provide in-kind work on the project to complete the project

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