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The Woman I Am

Sarah Patrick stays true to her roots as she pursues Nashville dreams

By Eugenia Jones

When Sarah Patrick was a youngster, it wasn’t unusual for the Patrick family to hear Sarah’s distinctive voice drowning out the loud noise of the lawn mower motor as she cut the grass in the family’s front yard. Singing while mowing the grass was typical of Sarah’s early musical experience since her formal musical experience during childhood was basically limited to singing in a play at the age of six years old and participating in middle school choir. Sarah even shied away from choir in high school because students in the class were required to sing a solo in front of the class.
“I wanted no part of that,” the attractive thirty-two year old told us with a laugh.
At the age of thirteen, Sarah taught herself a few chords on the guitar before putting her music aside and getting involved with athletics at school. She picked the guitar back up when she was in her early twenties and later got Floyd Lovins to teach her and help refine her guitar skills.
Surprisingly, Sarah was twenty-nine years old before she got on a “real” stage.
“My Uncle Fred wanted me to go to Hap’s (Hap Strunk) Uptown Opry in Whitley,” Sarah remarked. “I went up there and got on stage once, waited awhile, and then went back. I loved it. Hap was the one who helped make my first CD.”
It wasn’t long before Sarah was performing at other opries and jamborees across Kentucky and Indiana. With her performances ranging from classic country to rock, she became perhaps best known, early on, for her renditions of Loretta Lynn songs. Bearing a striking resemblance to the Coal Miner’s Daughter and having an uncanny Loretta Lynn quality to her voice, Patrick routinely belted out such classics as “You Ain’t Woman Enough” and “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”
Today, Sarah handles performances in front of the camera and on stage with the relaxed ease of one who has been performing all of her life. Her recent national debut on TBN’s “Huckabee” television show and her first performance at Renfro Valley are testaments to her on stage presence.
“When I was at Renfro Valley for the first time, I kept thinking of all the people who stood on that stage before me,” Sarah reflected. “Getting to be on the Huckabee show was cool! They did my hair and make-up. I was nervous because I had some allergy problems going on and was sure my voice would crack-but it didn’t. Huckabee was very nice and even played the bass with us.”
Sarah’s biggest break came while performing at the Ross County Jamboree in Scottsville, Indiana. Lanny McIntosh, a performer and friend of country legend, David Frizzell, invited Frizzell to stop by and hear Sarah perform. Frizzell was impressed by Sarah and took her under his wing. Together, it wasn’t long before Frizzell and Patrick were singing his number one hit duet, “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” made popular by Frizzell and Shelly West in 1981.
Under Frizzell’s guidance, Patrick has enjoyed numerous opportunities to work with well-known country singers and musicians. Frizzell’s recording label, Nashville America Records, signed Patrick for her first official album, “The Woman I Am,” which was released earlier this month to highly favorable reviews and can be purchased through ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and other on line music retailers. CDs can be purchased locally at Fat Lightning Music on Main Street in Whitley City, Keith Music in the Big M Plaza, and at the Mini Mart on the Cumberland Falls Highway. For Sarah, it has been a treat to see her music chart for the first time and hear her music played on radio.
In addition to performing, Sarah is a gifted songwriter who has written several original pieces. One favorite, “Shooting Stars,” is based on a poem written by her brother, Adam.
“I love to write,” Sarah remarked. “I may actually like writing and getting music put to my songs better than performing.”
As the mother of two beautiful girls, ages nine and six, Sarah stays busy as a mother and pursuing her Nashville dreams. In addition, she recently graduated from college with two degrees (Associate in Science and Associate in Arts.) She credits her tightknit family for helping her manage her busy schedule.
Right now, Sarah is enjoying life.
“I’m cautiously excited to see what is to come in the future as far as music goes,” Sarah commented. “Graduating college made things a lot less stressful, and of course, my kids make everything more exciting. I just feel so grateful and blessed. This has been the most amazing experience, and I’m just so eager to share this music and see where the journey takes me.”

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