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Hungry as a Bear

Photo by Treatta Gearing and Eugenia Jones

McCreary Countians have reported numerous sightings of black bears (especially those looking for easy food) in recent weeks. The impressively large black bear, pictured above, was spotted chowing down at a dumpster last week behind the Oaks Plaza in Whitley City. Meanwhile, Ted Coffey explained how a bear visited his home and tore open his truck bed cover by bending metal clamps in order to feast on some fresh corn left inside the truck bed. Coffey was definitely surprised when he found bear prints on his truck, the truck bed cover open, and corn cobs scattered on the ground. Wildlife officials remind County residents to take precautions to minimize the presence of nuisance bears by keeping pet food, bird seed, garbage, and food scraps away from bears and keeping outdoor BBQ grills, picnic tables, etc. clean.

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