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Two more enter School Board race

By Greg Bird

Tuesday marked the final day for potential candidates in non-partisan races, such as School Board and Soil Conservation, to file for election in the November General Election.
With the deadline passing the ballots for the fall election are officially set, with 20 candidates in eight local races yet to be decided.
Braxton N. King has signed up for the 2nd Educational District seat Tuesday, becoming the second candidate to declare for that position. King will be opposing incumbent Brandon Kidd, who filed his intent to run last week.
Rhonda Armijo, current 4th Educational District representative, has failed to register for re-election this fall, meaning her seat will be open at the end of the year. Two candidates have filed for the position: Lori Foster and Melissa Maxwell.
Three candidates have filed for the McCreary County Soil Conservation District seats: David L. Jones, Vernon L. Gilreath and Todd Martin. All three men are current Board members and are seeking re-election.
Contested races in the November election include: Judge Executive – with Republican Jimmie “Bevo” Green facing Independent Scottie Morrow. Democrat Sheriff Randy Waters is being opposed by Republican Milford Creekmore. Two write-in candidates are also vying for the position – former Sheriff Gus Skinner and James Tapley.
Republican Jailer Jessie Hatfield is being opposed by Democrat Derek Jones and Independent Tony Hansford. The PVA race is down to 2 with Democrat Joni Carson facing off against Republican Dwight Ross.
The race for Magistrate of District 1 is being contended by Republican William “Bill” Hale and Democrat Lilian Frasure Taylor. Incumbent Magistrate for District 2, Roger Phillips (R), has no opposition on the ballot, but write-in candidate Barbara Duncan has announced her bid for the seat. District 3 sees a four-way race with Bobby Strunk (R), David Price (D) and Johnny Corder (I) on the ballot, and write-in Bobby W. Strunk. District 4 is being contested between Randy Maxwell (R) and Hope Daugherty (D) (Daugherty had previously announced she is withdrawing from the race, but her name will still appear on the ballot).
For Constable in District 1 Darrell Hansford (R) will be opposed by Chuck Duncan (D) on the ballot, but write-in Donnie Smith has registered. In District 2 Brad Waters (R) faces Steven Cox (D) and write-in Freddie Clark.
Uncontested races include: County Attorney – Austin Price, County Court Clerk – Eric Haynes, Circuit Clerk – Othel King, Coroner – Tim Corder, County Surveyor – Jimmy Watters, District 3 Constable – Cody Stephens and District 4 Constable – David Kilby.
Through October 26 write-in candidates will still be able to register with the Clerk’s Office or the Kentucky Secretary of State to be considered an official candidate. Write-in’s names will not appear on the ballot, but voters can still choose to cast their ballot for such a candidate by checking the appropriate box on the ballot sheet and writing in the desired name by the office.

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