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PVA clarifies glitch

By Greg Bird

In a follow up to a story presented last week, McCreary County Property Valuation Administrator Bruce Lominac seeks to clarify some misconceptions of the computer glitch that is delaying posting of the final tax rolls.
The glitch in the system, Lominac explained, occurred when the Department of Revenue updated the system PVAs use to access the data base. The issue caused all tangible returns that had been entered in to the system to be dropped out, forcing his staff to manually re-enter the listings again. “There are hundreds of entries,” Lominac said. “We have to re-enter them one at a time.”
Lominac said the delay should not impact the school district or any special taxing districts because they should have the information they need to calculate tax rates on hand already.
Lominac’s office submitted a first recap of the assessment to the Department of Revenue in April, and all taxing districts would have access to that information. The final recap, which should be submitted this week, is just the last step in the process.
The differences between the first and final recap would be minimal, if any at all, Lominac explained, which would allow those districts to calculate their estimated tax revenues and determine their tax rate for the year.
On an added note, Lominac stated the final overall assessment for the county has risen again, meaning taxpayers could see slightly less tax rates this year if the taxing districts opt to take the compensating rates.
The final assessment for the county came in over $360 million, up about $4 million from last year.
The McCreary County School Board is expected to present a final budget at their regular scheduled meeting this month, and all special taxing districts in the county will present their tax rates for the coming year at next week’s Fiscal Court meeting.

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