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Alleged “streaker” arrested in Pulaski

By Greg Bird

The subject local authorities identify as the naked man who fled from officers from the Red Roof Inn in Whitley City this past July was arrested in Pulaski County last week on unrelated drug charges.
McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters states Ivan W. Musgrove, of Pine Knot, has been identified as the man who on July 17 ran naked from the motel after being confronted by staff.
According to the report of the incident, staff from the motel had attempted to make contact with the renter who had not vacated the room as of check out time. Once informed police were on their way a naked Musgrove reportedly fled from the room and into a nearby woods.
A search warrant for the room turned up more than 41 grams of methamphetamine, 21 grams of marijuana, over 200 pills (including Klonopin, Xanax and Hydrocodone) and various items of drug paraphernalia.

Musgrove, 29, was arrested last week in Pulaski County following a traffic stop in Burnside.
Constable Mike Wallace told the Commonwealth Journal he had stopped a vehicle that he had observed driving erratically. Upon the stop the officer noted a smell of burnt marijuana emanating from the car. After receiving permission to search the vehicle a quantity of marijuana was discovered.

Upon questioning Musgrove, who had provided officers with a false name and social security number, was reportedly observed swallowing something, which he claimed was marijuana.
A further search turned up additional marijuana, a crystal-like substance, a white powder, pills and other paraphernalia.
Once discovering the true identity of Musgrove, and finding outstanding warrants against him in both Pulaski and McCreary counties, he was taken in to custody.
Musgrove was charged with trafficking in marijuana, theft of identity, and tampering with physical evidence along with the warrants.
He is currently lodged in the Pulaski County Detention Center.
Sheriff Randy Waters stated this week that the local case against Musgrove has been turned over to federal authorities for prosecution and a federal indictment is possible.

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