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Absentee voting starts next week

By Greg Bird

Absentee voting for the November 6 General Election officially begins next week as qualified voters who will be unable to cast their ballot on Election Day can apply for an absentee ballot in County Clerk Eric Haynes’ office.

Residents who will not be able to vote during the General Election, can come by Eric Haynes’ office during regular business hours (M-F 8:30-4:30, Saturday 9:00 – Noon.)
Haynes said Tuesday his office had already received several requests for absentee ballots this fall.

Absentee voting will continue at the courthouse through November 5. There are a variety of reasons why a voter might request to cast an absentee ballot including:
– Advanced age, disability or illness
– Military personnel, their dependents and overseas citizens
– Students who temporarily reside outside their home county
– Other voters, such as those on vacation
– Voters incarcerated, but not yet convicted
– Voters whose employment takes them out of the county during normal polling hours
– Voters who have surgery scheduled on Election Day
– Pregnant women in their third trimester
– Election officials

According to the latest registration numbers McCreary County has 11,166 registered voters as of September 17. Republicans dominate the local totals with 7,933 registered. 2,641 are registered as Democrats, and the remainder are listed as “other”, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party of Constitutional Party.
More than half of local registered voters are female with 5,753.

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