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Tax rates set

By Greg Bird

Thursday’s penultimate meeting of the McCreary County Fiscal Court was a quick affair as the agenda contained only a few items of routine proceedings.
Perhaps the most anticipated portion of the 17-minute meeting was the introduction of the tax rates for the next year.
On a recommendation from Judge Executive Doug Stephens the Fiscal Court unanimously voted to adopt the compensating tax rate of 9.3 cents per $100 value on property, lowering the rate .1 cents from last year. The motor vehicle tax rate remained the same at 20.40 cents per $100 of value.
Other tax rates presented to the Fiscal Court included the McCreary County Public Library. Director Kay Morrow announced the Library Board elected to adopt the compensating rate as well, which kept the real estate tax the same at 7.5 cents per $100, but due to the decrease in tangible property, that rate increased to 8.22 cents per $100, up from 7.5 cents last year.
The Board of Education lowered their tax rate on real property from 41.1 cents per $100 to 40.9 cents per 4100 of value, while personal property remained at 41.1 and motor vehicle stayed at 46.7.
The Fiscal Court has no control over what tax rates the Special Purpose Government Entities (SPGE) set, but only acts as a conduit to acknowledge the rates and forward them to the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

The McCreary County Extension Board met the Wednesday prior to the Fiscal Court meeting to set their tax rates as well.
According to the compromise reached between the Board and Magistrate Jason Mann this past June, the Board agreed to lower their tax rate on real estate to 3.75 cents per $100 of assessed value and drop the motor vehicle tax altogether.
The Health District (4.0), Soil Conservation District (1.7) and all five Fire Districts (10.0) kept their rates the same as previous years.

According to information released by the Judge Executive’s Office real estate values increased by a total of $7,487, 372 over the past year, while tangible property values decreased by nearly $5 million.
With Thursday’s actions the tax bills can now be printed and sent to citizens, and should be in the mail by the end of the week.

In other Fiscal Court actions:

The Fiscal Court approved a resolution supporting the McCreary County Industrial Authority to apply for a $2,000,000 grant through the Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands Community and Economic Development.
The grant, if received, would be used to bolster economic development in the county and would be administered through the newly created authority with Fiscal Court oversight.

The court approved a resolution authorizing a pay raise for Board members of the McCreary County Water District to $500 a month from $330 a month. The raise is contingent on the Board members attending required training.
The court took no action on approving the appointment of Rodney Hensley to the Eagle-Sawyer Fire Protection District Board at the request of the Board. Hensley was nominated to replace Harold Glendon “Glen” Gilreath.
The next scheduled meeting of the McCreary County Fiscal Court will be on Thursday, December 13 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be the final one for Judge Executive Doug Stephens and Magistrates Jason Mann, Duston Baird and O.L. Perry.


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