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OC tax drops slightly

By Greg Bird

Collections for the McCreary County Occupational Tax dipped slightly in December, the fifth month of the fiscal year where collections were behind the previous year, perhaps indicating a weakening economy locally.
According to figures released by McCreary County Judge Executive Jimmie “Bevo” Greene’s office, December saw a total of $36,220 collected, with $24,147 dedicated to the General Fund and $12,073 going in to the Jail Fund. General Fund receipts saw a decrease of less than $2,000 from last year when $26,059 was brought in for the month. The total is about $600 above collections from two years ago. It is still well above the average collections for December over the past six years of about $15,000 for the month.
The six-month total collections for the year amount to $495,061, about $1,000 below last year’s total after December. Collections are about $5,000 over totals from the 2016-17 fiscal year.
With an average collection rate of $85,510 for the first half of the fiscal year, this marked the first time the projected year-end total falls below the $1 million anticipated in the annual budget, with an estimated $990,122 to be collected if the average continues.
Typically, however, the last two quarters of the fiscal year bring in higher-than average collections, which should ensure the $1 million budget goal is met.
For the first six months of the fiscal year $247,500 has been added to the Jail Fund through the additional half percent added to the tax in 2017.

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