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McCreary Shines at BSFNRRA Science Day

Photo by Eugenia Jones
McCreary County’s unique heritage and wildlife were recently highlighted at Science Day, an annual event held at Rugby, TN and sponsored by the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. During the day long event, BSFNRRA law enforcement officer (and locally renowned reptile/insect expert) Raymond Little presented a detailed program concerning the diversity of moths and butterflies found in McCreary County. Little included a summary of findings discovered by a group of lepidopterists who spent a weekend last summer surveying the many unique moths and butterflies of McCreary. In addition to Little’s presentation, BSFNRRA Ranger Tommy Safranek spoke about historic railways in the Big South Fork including the K & T in Stearns. Safranek’s presentation provided interesting information about the coal camps along the K & T line.

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