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Citation to be issued in illegal dumping case

By Greg Bird

McCreary County Emergency Management Director Stephen McKinney, who also serves as the County’s Code Enforcement Officer, announced last week that his office is prosecuting a case of illegal dumping, part of the County’s efforts to ramp up enforcement of the garbage ordinance.
Grant and Gina Hasty, operators of the Lord’s Café in Stearns, posted a series of photos on Facebook last month taken from security cameras showing two vehicles illegally dumping at least two large loads of refuse in the café’s dumpster – overflowing the unit.
While the photos were not able to clearly see a license plate number, McKinney said he opened an investigation and was able to obtain an identity of a suspect by evidence collected at the scene from the trash.
Working with County Attorney Austin Price’s office, McKinney was able to secure a citation for criminal littering, a class A misdemeanor, which can carry up to $500 in fines and/or up to 1 year in jail. The citation has yet to be served, but it is expected to be presented in the next few days.

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