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First quarter OC Tax report

By Greg Bird

According to Judge Executive Greene’s office Occupational Tax receipts for the month of October totaled $193,069.32, with $128,712.88 dedicated to the General Fund, and $64,356.44 going to the Jail Fund.
October’s receipts were down slightly from the previous two years, but overall collections are still on pace to surpass budgeted expectations. Last year $193,338 was collected and in 2017 receipts totaled $196,238.
Over the first quarter of the fiscal year more than $420,000 has been added to the General Fund, which if the trend continues will bring over $1.6 million, well above the $1.1 million projected in the current budget. In the 2018-19 fiscal year just over $401,000 was brought in over the first quarter, and just over $409,000 in the year previous.
Just over $210,000 has been added to the Jail Fund for the quarter.

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