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McCreary to become 2nd Amendment sanctuary

By Greg Bird

McCreary County is set to join the growing list of Kentucky counties that will pass some form of resolution declaring itself a Second Amendment sanctuary county in the wake of looming opposition of proposed gun-law changes in our neighboring state of Virginia.
A resolution declaring McCreary County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County is expected to be introduced at tonight’s Fiscal Court meeting and is expected to pass.
The resolution declares the Fiscal Court believes the Second Amendment guarantees the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, and is concerned about the passage of any legislation that would infringe on the rights of citizens.
“Therefore, be it resolved that the McCreary County Fiscal Court hereby expresses intent to uphold the Second Amendment rights og the citizens of McCreary County,” it reads.
While the resolution is mainly symbolic in nature, as any gun law passed by the state legislature would supersede any county laws on the matter – but it sends an important message to lawmakers that there is mounting opposition to any form of gun control.
Representative Ken Upchurch said Monday that the chances of any such legislation passing either the House or Senate, where Republicans hold a super majority, would be improbable. He noted some legislators have pre-filed some sort of gun control bill, but virtually guaranteed those bills would be “dead on arrival” when they reached the House floor.
While Kentucky now has a Democrat Governor in Andy Beshear, the Republican-led House of Representative and Senate have more than enough votes to potentially block or veto any gun control proposal from the Governor’s office.
According to Kentucky United, a Facebook group dedicated to promoting the movement, 16 Kentucky counties have already passed a resolution, with 36 more having a vote scheduled and 33 additional county governing bodies planning a meeting. Only eight counties have reported opposition to such a resolution.
The movement for counties to declare themselves comes after proposed gun legislation in Virginia has citizens concerned about losing their rights as written in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution

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