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Small earthquake felt in county

By Greg Bird

If you felt the earth move beneath your feet Monday afternoon you weren’t alone. According to the U.S. geological Survey a 3.8 magnitude quake was reported occurring about 3.8 miles east of Fincastle, Tennessee, in Campbell County, at 2:11 p.m. The quake occurred about 35.4 miles below the surface, with the tremors being felt around the region. Originally reported as a 3.6 magnitude quake, the USGS later upgraded the severity.
The USGS reports the quake was the second in as many days, as a 2.8 magnitude tremor occurred the previous day. In the last two weeks several more quakes were reported in western Tennessee and eastern Missouri – as the region is located in the East Tennessee Seismic Zone, one of the more active zones in the United States.
No injuries or damage were reported with any of the seismic activity.
The quake was reportedly felt as far north as Lexington, and as far south as Dalton, Georgia.
Locally many readers shared their reactions to the quake, with many noting the shaking and others reported hearing loud rumbling along with the tremor.


Becky Gilreath – Was at home. At first I thought a big truck was coming down the road but the rumbling kept getting louder and then stronger until stuff on my desk was shaking!


Journey Lee Worley – At work in Oneida….. everything on the walls were shaking.


Laura Jane Duncan – I was in my bedroom, everything was loud and shaking, I thought earthquake, then I thought maybe it’s a train rumbling real loud on the tracks, then I thought no, its coming from inside the house, it was the loudest quake I’ve ever experienced!


Ashley Dawson – Home. Thought it was a jet flying over at first. Heard the roaring sound before the shaking started.


Michelle Matthews – At home sitting on the couch in Whitley City. The whole house started shaking..

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