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Teacher accused of spitting on student

By Greg Bird

The McCreary
County School
District is reportedly investigating an
allegation that a teacher spat in the face of a student
last week.
The incident reportedly occurred last Wednesday at McCreary Middle School when a female teacher allegedly spat in the face of the male student during a classroom period.
Becky Wilson, the mother of the 8th grade student said the boy came home from school Wednesday very upset. She said the young man told her the teacher had instructed the class to sit quietly with their heads on the desk because they were being loud. Wilson said her son was being “stubborn”, so the teacher told him to turn toward the wall. As he was doing so, he said the teacher came to him and began yelling at him.
“He said she was in his face and he asked her to back up because she was spitting on him,” Wilson said. “She then gathered spit in her mouth and spit it in his face intentionally. ‘I’m sorry, I spit when I talk’ she said.”
The next day Wilson kept her son out of school and she went to speak with Vice Principal Lucas Ford. Ford listened to her concerns and promised to look in to the issue. Wilson stated she was told Central Office would be conducting an investigation. The boy was also removed from the teacher’s classroom, and Wilson was promised he would not have to interact with the teacher for the rest of the school year.
Several parents of middle school children confirmed that they had students who were in the class at the time of the alleged incident and were asked to write reports on the incident and what they witnessed.
McCreary County Schools Superintendent Corey Keith said Tuesday he could not comment directly on the issue due to privacy concerns, but said any such allegations would be investigated and appropriate disciplinary actions would be taken if the investigation found wrongdoing.
“While I cannot comment about any specific event involving personnel, I can say that when the district receives a complaint or is made aware of an issue, it is investigated and addressed appropriately,” Keith said. “Our number one priority is the safety of our students.”
Wilson said she may be considering filing a civil lawsuit as well.

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