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Customer service done right

By Greg Bird

Photo by Greg Bird Danny Watson thanked cashier Jackie Martin for her integrity in returning a $50 bill he accidently left on the counter at Fastway.


This week we are happy to present a feel-good story about people doing the right thing.
Danny Watson stopped by the Fastway convenience store in Stearns last week to make a purchase. As he was checking out, he inadvertently left a folded up $50 bill on the counter.
After finding the money, cashier Jackie Martin contacted store owner Todd Jones who set about finding the customer, so he could return the cash. Jones reviewed security camera footage and reviewed receipts to identify who left the bill.
Eventually he found what he was looking for, identified Watson as the customer and tracked down his phone number and arranged for him to claim his missing money.
Watson said he was impressed at the integrity of both Jones and Martin.
“He had to go through a lot of video to identify me and track down my number,” Watson said. “I just want people to know there still are some good people and businesses in this county.”
After getting his money back, Watson tipped Martin $20 as a reward for her integrity.
“She could have just put that money in her pocket,” Watson said. “There aren’t a lot of people that will pass up free money. I can’t say how much respect I have for both of them.”

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