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Phony money circulating again

Photo by Greg Bird This counterfeit $10 bill was recovered from a local restaraunt this week. Sheriff Randy Waters urges everyone to keep an eye out for fake bills.

By Greg Bird

Sheriff Randy Waters is issuing a warning to all citizens and businesses that counterfeit bills are once again circulating in the county. On Monday he collected a five and ten dollar bill that had been passed at a local business and opened an investigation. The phony bills have turned up at other businesses in the county, indicating there may be a fresh batch of fake money being circulated.
Some of the bills may have Chinese markings in red ink on the face, or the word “copy” concealed somewhere on the bill. Though they appear to be authentic on the surface, the bills do not have the security strip running near one of the edges.
Other ways to detect a phony bill is to look for the color shifting ink on the denomination in the bottom-right corner, red and blue threads woven (not printed) into the bill, raised printing (particularly on the portrait), and the embedded watermark.
The Sheriff suggests businesses be sure to mark the entirety of the bill with a counterfeit detecting pen. If the ink turns black, people are urged to contact the Sheriff’s office (606) 376-2322.

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