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Trash Dumper caught

By Greg Bird

A McCreary County man could be facing charges of illegal dumping and more after reports state he was seen disposing of trash in several places around the county this past weekend.
Sheriff Randy Waters and Constable Cody Stephens were alerted to a truck traveling along U.S. 27 and spilling trash out of the back Saturday afternoon. As they responded the vehicle reportedly turned down Pig Skin Road, where the driver dumped a load of trash at the cemetery located at the end of the road. The officers searched for the dumper, but were unable to locate it at the time.
On Sunday the Sheriff located the vehicle on Hines Hill adjacent to a freshly dumped load of garbage. The suspect had fled the scene before the Sheriff arrived, but evidence collected at the scene, along with eyewitness statements allowed the Sheriff to identify a suspect and has issued a warrant for his arrest.

The vehicle was impounded, and the investigation is continuing. Additional suspects may be charged based on evidence collected from the garbage.

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