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Stolen car recovered after chase

Photo by Greg Bird
Sheriff Randy Waters and Deputy Tom Smith recovered a stolen vehicle Wednesday afternoon in the Sawyer area. The officers were responding to a report of the vehicle possibly being seen on Highway 896 when they spotted the 2016 Hyundai Elantra traveling toward them. As they turned to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle sped off at a high rate of speed. The officers trailed the fleeing vehicle along 896, until it turned off on to Rock Branch Road. The car next turned down a narrow dirt track and traveled about half a mile before it could go no further due to downed timber on the road. As the officers caught up to the car, the two suspects fled into the woods. Sheriff Waters began a foot pursuit, while Deputy Smith secured the vehicle. Officers were able to identify the suspects due to the fact they dropped their drivers licenses as they fled. Officers from the McCreary County Sheiff’s Department and KSP joined in the search for the suspects. As of press time Wednesday they had not been located. Sheriff Waters stated he would seek a warrant against James T. Ridner, 25, of Parkers Lake and Rachel E. Goad, 26, of Strunk for theft and other charges if they were not located Wednesday.

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