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Panic buying

Photo by Greg Bird Store shelves have been barren lately as people try to stock up on provisions. Store managers say there is no need to hoard as shipments arrive daily.


By Greg Bird

Between the news of schools and businesses closing adding to the fears of possible quarantine, many citizens have descended on local grocery and convenience stores to load up on food and household items. This frenzy has left some foodstuffs and household goods in short supply.
Particularly fueled by social media, many people have stockpiled toilet paper and cleaning supplies, leaving store shelves barren until the supply can be restocked.
While creating a short-term shortage, most of the items are being re-supplied to the stores on a daily basis.
Judge Executive Jimmie Greene asked citizens to avoid hoarding essentials, such as toilet paper and other household cleaning items, as it may create a shortage leaving some who may really need the item to not be able to find it in stores.
“Please be considerate of your neighbors,” Greene said. “There is no need to buy every roll of toilet paper in the store. Some people may need those items more than you. I would hate to see someone go without when someone else has a garage full.”
Sandra Cundiff, Manager of the Kroger grocery store in Whitley City, said there is no need to fear food shortages, as the store receives shipments daily, and the warehouses are beginning to catch up on demand.
“We just ask people to be courteous and patient with us,” Cundiff said. “We get shipments in every day. If you can’t find something one day, chances are it will be here the next.”
“We are here to serve the people of this community,” she added. “If there is something you need, tell us. We will do everything we can to get the items you need.”

Kroger has announced new store hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, to help staff re-stock the store overnight.
Many stores have also changed hours, so it is advised to check with your favorrite store to find out the new hours.

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