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Upchurch adds county road projects

By Greg Bird

The Kentucky House Appropriations and Revenue Committee passed their version of the 6-year road budget Tuesday, which includes $30 million in projects located in McCreary County.
House Bill 353 contains language that will put in place several projects to improve roadways and ease traffic issues in McCreary County, including a connecting road between McCreary Central High School and the Somerset Community College McCreary Center, that would provide more access to the schools along Raider Way and make it easier for picking up students during school hours.

Also included is continuing funding for the completion of Ky-92 between Pine Knot and Williamsburg, constructing turn lanes in to the McCreary County Park and Whitley City Elementary and starting the design and right-of-way acquisition for constructing a bridge over the railroad tracks in Strunk.
“As Chair of the House Transportation Committee, I know that roads are the backbone of a strong economy,” Upchurch said in a press release. “They link our rural areas with our towns and allow us to enjoy a good quality of life. They open up opportunities for economic development and education, bringing the world to our door.”

With the bill passing the House, it still needs to be voted on by the Senate, where changes are possible. Once passing both chambers, it must be approved by the Governor.

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