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Ritner Roadblock

Photos by Greg Bird County officials, including Sheriff Randy Waters, Judge Jimmie Greene and Road Supervisor Tony Kidd met at the Ritner Swinging Bridge Monday to discuss the numerous complaints they had received concerning vehicles blocking access to the ford across the river.


After receiving numerous complaints from residents of Jones Hollow Road over the past few weeks concerning a blocked road at the Ritner swinging bridge, Judge Executive Jimmie Greene, Sheriff Randy Waters and Road Supervisor Tony Kidd visited the location Monday to try and find a solution.
With COVID-19 forcing many popular recreation areas in the region to be closed, the previously obscure location has grown in popularity in recent weeks among locals and tourists alike. The increased traffic on the road has led to many visitors parking on the road and blocking access to the river crossing, which many residents use as an alternate means to get to Wayne County.

Residents on the road have reported over 100 cars on the small road over this past weekend alone. The McCreary County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies began issuing citations to violators in an effort to keep the road clear.
Monday county officials met to discuss what could be done to improve the location to allow visitors to park, while still keeping the ford clear for crossing. Judge Greene noted the area is managed by the Corps of Engineers, and any renovation or clearing would need to have prior approval.
Greene noted the idea is not to discourage visitors from the area, which is public access, but to find a way to keep the road open while still allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty the area has to offer.

The Road Department will begin by printing and placing signs warning people to not block the road, and the Sheriff stated he will increase patrols in the area.

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